About Ian Robert McKown

started tattooing in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado. I've always found myself drawn to what some would call 'realistic' tattoos, but only recently came into my own in regards to finding my own style within this genre of tattooing. I would have to say a big turning point in my tattooing, and more importantly, my art was when I picked up an art magazine containing an article written by David A. Leffel, an American artist who paints in the classic Flemish/Dutch old master style. I cannot stress enough what an eye-opener seeing his work was for me. It was as though I was seeing art for the first time in my life. I began painting in oils in early 2008. I've mainly focused on still lifes, and portraiture with a distinct shift towards more archetypal and story driven works.. I find this type of work very rewarding. I've been able to bring together some of my painting and tattoo styles, combining them into something fresh, and hopefully unique. As with everything in life, my art is a study in hard work, and a constant desire to become a better artist, in both mediums."